• patrickdexter

How To Practice Music

A great way to keep up music is to practise every day. But how do I practise?

Practice should always have 4 parts.

How I remember the 4 parts is to think of my practice WAND.

1. Warm up with scales or by playing part of your favourite tune.

2. Again: Play again what you did last practice. Start by playing slowly so you can remember it and see if you can make it sound even better.

3. New: Play something new. Usually the next line of the song you are were learning last practice, or the first line of a new song.

4. Display: Always finish your practice by displaying how well you can play. Pick a song you love and know very well.

Try sometimes to do this last part from memory and play with the music book closed. Give it your best like you’re performing in a show!

Try your best to give each of the practice parts 5 to 10 minutes every day and your playing will get better and better!

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